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Fisher's Landing TOD

Fisher's Landing is envisioned as an ambitious new model for bus transit - oriented development.

Fisher's Landing - Ground Level View_edi
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Fisher’s Landing got its start with Soloman and Ann Jemima Fisher taking land claim of almost 1,000 acres from today’s SE 34th Street south along 164th Ave to the river and extending to Government Island.

Soloman set work on building a ferry boat landing and commercial dock for shipping, refueling, and transporting people and goods along the Columbia River. The stop quickly became a hub of activity and industry, including mills, markets, post office, and town center.

His landing eventually seeded a town called Fishers which was considered Vancouver’s rival center of commerce and politics within Clark County community.


Transform an existing bus park and ride into a transit-oriented community, where waiting for the bus is fun!

We started by listening to what the community, local stakeholders, and developers wanted there. Then, we incorporated these ideas into some concepts for a site plan.

...and discovered the plan that worked best with the neighborhood.

Post It_edited.png

We figured out how to incorporate the bus routes, stops, and holding spaces into the plan. We noticed this created an interesting pattern, so we mapped it, literally!

Since the new community is centered around bus transit, we made sure to make it enjoyable to wait for the bus by giving people things to do. Including a beautiful park with an outdoor movie screen to make waiting for the bus fun!

We're happy to help C-TRAN work towards its 50 year vision! 

*all designs, drawings, and concepts were created while working as lead designers at Ankrom Moisan Architects, Portland, OR. All images copyright Ankrom Moisan Architects.

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