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Portland State University

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)


Florida State University

Bachelor Of Science (B.S.), Environmental Studies - Urban Planning

Megan Doherty

Principal / Co-Founder

As an emerging urban designer, Megan is motivated by the range of scales she works with from the design of paving below your feet to the network of connections that get you to destinations throughout the city. Holding dual degrees in Architecture (M.Arch) and Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) from Portland State University, Megan has embarked on a creative path to contribute to better cities for people. 


Megan’s versatility with planning and design has been fostered at First Forty Feet since joining the firm after graduate school. On any given day she may be working on a range of tasks such as existing conditions mapping, 3D modeling and rendering, architectural drafting, land use planning for site development reviews, and public engagement efforts. Recognizing the inherent complexity of urban challenges, Megan readily collaborates with planners, engineers, designers, stakeholders, and community members.


Megan is an avid transit rider and bike commuter who has personally benefited from living in a walkable area. These experiences have furthered her commitment to promoting active transportation and fostering vibrant, people-centered spaces. She has taken a particular interest in inclusive and accessible streetscapes. She provides research and guidance to the firm which has been incorporated into projects, such as the integration of tactile directional paving in a main street revitalization project and the incorporation of accessible play features in a linear park. 


APA - American Planning Association 


"Parking Spaces to People Places" (2021). Master of Urban and Regional Planning Workshop Projects.


Graduate Teaching Award 2022, School of Architecture, Portland State University


Vancouver Main Street Revitalization, Vancouver, WA

The Heights District Project, Vancouver, WA

Open Air Beaverton Program: Outdoor Dining Structure Design

and Permitting, Beaverton, OR

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