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Our firm is dedicated to urban life, the public realm, and setting opportunities free.

First Forty Feet is a creative multi-disciplinary urban design and place strategy firm. Our practice advocates for equitable cities centered around people. We occupy the in-between', bridging the gap between policy intentions and design interventions through investigation, discovery, research, storytelling, and compelling visualization.


We provide a much-needed rung in the process of how cities grow, filling a very large gap in a complex system in which we plan, design, and implement the future of our cities. We are urbanists that follow the belief that cities will forever need people and people will forever need cities. Our firm is dedicated to urban life, the public realm, and setting opportunities free.

Our approach blends the rigor of data analysis, insights, and research with the art of placemaking and social science. We have a broadened view with a focused interest in excavating the hidden value of place that is too often unobserved and inadvertently left on the table.  

Our track record of implementing successful and innovative development projects for developers and municipalities proves we can fundamentally shift people’s behaviors and open up possibilities. We gather insights about how people live, how sites operate, how communities work, and how past design solutions can solve present complexities. We prepare projects for the future by advocating for dynamic behaviors, speaking up for silent ecologies, refocusing systems on people--all people, without barriers—and the connections between us.


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